• llop by lali barrière, ferran fages, guilherme rodrigues and ernesto rodrigues. CD on creative sources. april 2017.


  • from one coordinate to uncoordination by blaast, lali barrière and alfredo costa monteiro. CD on caduc. april 2015.




  • track mansonella by Lali Barrière, Miguel A. García, Tomás Gris in the IHM Fifth Compilation.. july 2012.
  • improvisation at Radio Bronka (21-03-2011), in the FOLK WAR 6 compilation. Alexander Bruck, Miguel A. García, Lali Barrière, april 2012.
  • track Fa plou in the Ursonate fanzine 000000002 compilation. Ferran Fages + Lali Barrière, march 2012.


  • novosibirsk. Ferran Fages and Lali Barrière. con-v records, october 2011.
  • chamber music. Lali Barrière, Miguel A. garcía, Tomás Gris. panyrosas discos, august 2011.


  • artwork for llavi vell by Ferran Fages.
  • artwork for tables and stairs by Ferran Fages, Robin Hayward, Nikos Veliotis.

  • Lullaby for Lali
    guitaret, metallophone and electronics. arrangements in Lullaby Acoustic. artwork.

2009 and before

  • 830. Pad, 2009.
  • El cant d'Orfeu. Lluís Gràcia + Pad, 2007.
  • Projecte McLaren. Pad, 2005.
  • Press the space bar. Chicks on Speed and The No-heads. COS 19, november 2004. guitaret in my pony, metallophone in mitte bitte.
  • Bel Canto Orchestra en directe a la Plaça del Sol 22/08/1985. Bel Canto Orchestra. Gliptoteka Magdalae, 2008.